I am a Beoulve. Nothing happens without me!

Apr 5

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“Hmm? You said something under your breath? Except for one? Who is this, huh? Your girlfriend?”

Laguna turns around, facing the rising sun.

“Anyways, we better look for someplace to eat. I’m getting hungry. Don’t worry now! It’s on me, just this once!”

He feels a faint bond forming between him and Ramza.

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Ramza, turning red, thought about the person he had mentioned. The face was just a blur… But thankfully, the distraction of food came upon him for when Laguna mentioned to get something to eat, Ramza’s stomach growled.

“You are right. Let’s go and feast.”

Ramza smiled to Laguna. Perhaps this was the beginning of a great friendship.

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“So, uh, where?”

Around them are just mountains and fields.

“Where are we, exactly? I have no idea. It’s not charted on this map!”

Laguna handed Ramza a torn map. They are apparently in the area that the map is missing.

Ramza grabbed the map and studied it carefully. Every now and then, he took a look above the map and gazed at the landscape. After a long moment of constantly bobbing his head he made a conclusion and brought his head back up.

"Don’t you think we might be in the place of the map that might be torn?"